Music is the ultimate essence of the Elements world – a powerful force that cleanses, nourishes, and inspires you to connect with those around you and the creative force that lies within. Tap into the flow of music at the Elements Winter Festival and Elements Festival 2022, and you’ll have an instant power-up when it’s time for an adventure and calming harmonies when it’s time to chill out.

Our aim at every instalment of Elements Festival is to give you a new soundscape to explore, filled with fresh sonic creations from the world’s best international producers and plenty of homegrown talent. Every artist is a powerful creative force unto themselves, but they also respect the musicians performing around them, digging the vibe that’s been created and sliding seamlessly into it to keep the goodness flowing.

This page is your portal for exploring the bounty of beats you’ll be treated to at The Elements Winter Festival and Elements Festival 2022.