Welcome to Elements Festival 2019

3 Days of Music, Arts, Markets, Workshops

Well hello there. We’re so happy you’ve found your way here. This is your portal to access the Elements universe until it’s time to dive into our next custom-designed adventure.  Elements is a music, performing arts and lifestyle festival designed to celebrate human connection, fun and adventure. We are fortunate enough to call the absolute paradise that is the Sunshine Coast Hinterland home. In this lush little nook of South-East Queensland, Australia, we aim to be a beacon of love and positivity. Elements is your place to come together once a year and celebrate the bizarre beauty of our existence.

From the moment it sprouted into existence, Elements rapidly gained notoriety, and since then the festival’s growth has been exponential. With a team of cutting-edge creatives and an endless supply of good vibes driving the Elements dream forward, the festival is rapidly gaining recognition as an innovative and completely unique addition to the already eclectic Australian festival circuit.

So, what can you expect from your Elements experience? While we design the festival to be like a real-life game, with no two festival-goers sharing the same story arc, there are a few things we can absolutely guarantee. You will be hit with 3-4 days of the latest and the best electronic music, performance art, visionary art, workshops, next-level food, and a mini-metropolis of a market area. All of this you get to enjoy with 3000-4000 like-minded souls, current friends and future friends in the making. As we mentioned, no two Elements adventures will ever be the same, so please, explore our online world, find your place in the Elementals tribe, and get ready to delve into our living game. 

Your Elements adventure takes place on 18-20 October.





Latest News

Over the past few months, Elements HQ has been overflowing with beats from all over the world. We’ve had sounds playing from every genre of electronic music imaginable, creating a delicious yet chaotic sonic soup we somehow had to make sense of. This beautiful mayhem has spawned a line-up so diverse it’s even taken us by surprise!

It is with great excitement, Elements proudly presents our 1st release international music selectors for Elements Festival 2019. Follow our socials and stay connected for more artist announcements coming soon! ⠀

1st Release Music Selectors Announced!

As we gather together the creative forces that will breathe life into Elements Festival 2019, we find ourselves overwhelmed by the level of artistic genius we’re fortunate enough to be surrounded by. This part of our journey is so epic, in fact, we’ve decided we have to find a way to share it with you. So, over one monster weekend in June, Elements will be bringing you an unprecedented rolling event, featuring night after night of killer tunes.

Elements Festival Presents - Winter Warm Up Series

There’s been a shift in the Elements world. Our application portal has opened up and it’s hungry for talent. If you’re a musician, performer, or artist of any style, now is the time to get your application in for Elements Festival 2019. We are all about supporting artists at every stage of their growth, so if you’ve got the skills, we’re just as keen to share them with the world as you are.

Want to Get Involved? Applications Open Now!

Elements Festival is back and building big things for your 2019 adventure. To celebrate, we’ve treated ourselves to a brand new website, packed with everything you need to know to get at every last molecule of awesomesauce in our universe. Our evolved and upgraded website is filled with the latest news, kickass merchandise, a whole range of opportunities to be part of the Elements team + access to exclusive invitations and top-notch festival tips.

Elements Festival 2019 Website Has Landed!