Welcome to Elements Festival 2018

3 Days of Music, Arts, Markets, Workshops
19th - 21st October 2018

Not just another music festival, Elements is dedicated to bringing you a next level, interactive experience. Each year, we reinvent our map, filling the landscape with new delightful oddities for you to explore and unlock. No two days will ever be the same because Elements is dedicated to giving you more than just a loop between your camp and the dancefloor. Our mission is to create a mini-world in which every moment is an opportunity for newness and adventure.




Latest News

Elements and Lemon & Lime proudly present; The official Elements Festival 2018 After Party featuring the legendary German duo; Township Rebellion! 

We invite you to join us for an epic afternoon / evening of sky high entertainment, quality house, chugging techno grooves and outstanding views of Brisbane’s river and skyline surrounds.


Listen to the music, follow a flow that fits you, and you’ll find every step of your journey accentuated. Time to party, time to chat, time to rest, time to charge and time to recharge. Our set times have been crafted to keep the energy flowing while also giving you opportunities to get some sleep without the dreaded FOMO. The genres will be rolling and changing, bouncing back and forth between our two music stages. So, you’re sure to get a chance to explore every corner of the enchanting world we’ll be building for you. 

SET TIMES | Map | Schedule Announced

Elements has just released an epic pre-party expansion pack that allows you to get your game on early. If you can make it out to site on Thursday night, you’re in for a treat. Not only does this game-changer let you skip the Friday arvo queues, it also gives you access to a killer line-up of musical acts. The party will be cranking from 4pm – 12am Thursday the 18th of October with a glorious smash-n-grab bounty of sounds from chill and down tempo to techno and psy-trance. If you have Thursday night free, then don’t miss out on this bonus extra round of awesomesauce.


You know how much it sucks waiting in queues? The frustration that rises as you swear the line isn’t even moving. The impatience that jackhammers through your fingers as time grows infinitely slower with every passing second. “What the hell are they doing up there, solving world peace?” We’ve all been there. But what if there was something you could do to fix it? Elements is giving you that impossible power.


Want to avoid long waits and processing at the front gates of Elements Festival 2018? Of course you do… no one likes queues. Especially when there’s a world of fun awaiting you inside. Since your happiness is our business, the Elements crew have devised a cunning plan to ease everyone’s traffic woes… we will be opening the gates a day early.

Early Entry To Elements Festival Announced

“Blow me first” may sound like a provocative turn of phrase, but at the heart of this phrase lies an organisation’s commitment to starting a conversation with young adults about responsible consumption of alcohol. Facilitating on the front line of music festivals Australia-wide, Blow Me First is the leading intoxication information and education based service. Operating since 2010, they have been exploring innovative and practical solutions to ensure patron safety and wellbeing at events.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Elements are getting multidimensional with our art. Think live painting, comedy, staged performances, roving actors and a whole lot more. These will be both scheduled and unscheduled, across the whole weekend. The entire Elements Festival 2018 site will be our performers playground so you never know where they might appear and do something awesome.  Check out Elements Festival 2018 full list of performers here: http://bit.ly/EF18_Performers

Performers Announced

Art takes time to appreciate, so we’ve made our Elements Festival 2018Artisan Gallery a sumptuous space for you to chill and unwind in. Connect with friends, watch art be created and, if you love something enough to want to adopt it, you can buy it directly from its maker. Investigate more of our amazing artist here: http://bit.ly/EF18_Art_Gallery

Art Gallery | Visual Artists Announced

Each year, the Elements crew embark on a journey into the Aussie bushland to awaken our very own world-within-a-world for you to explore. We are all about evolution, so venturing into an Elements Festival 2018 space means entering a world that will disappear the moment you leave, never to be recaptured again. Each year’s landscape is unique, brought to life through the union of natural and human creative forces.

Decor | Production Announced

Elements Festival 2018 will be bringing you a carefully selected assortment of workshops and classes designed to balance your festival experience. Before getting hectic on the dancefloor, you can start your day with meditation or yoga (to make sure said hecticness is on point). And, whenever you need a change of pace, we encourage you to drop in and see what classes, workshops, talks or activities are going on. Or, when a proper break is in order, kick back and relax in one of the many hammocks, communal lounges and chill spaces.

Workshops Announced

Whether you’re after some delicious pre-dancefloor fuel or a rad new costume, we got you! Elements Festival 2018 will be hosting a selection of the tastiest eateries to cater for all your crazy dietary requirements. As well as unique clothing, jewellery, handmade creations, and sustainably sourced fares from around the world. Investigate our full list of vendors here: http://bit.ly/EF18_Markets

Markets Announced - Food, Fashion & More!

Remember how we told you Elements would be levelling-up in 2018? Well, get set for one of our most exciting announcements yet: a brand new, upgraded, super-sized, pimped out site for you to explore.

New Site - Next Level Unlocked!

Because we’re all about making life as cruisy as possible for you, Elements Festival 2018 will be providing a shuttle bus service to and from the festival. We’re even giving you options for departure and return dates as we know you may have work, study and other commitments. Our bus will depart Brisbane CBD on Friday and Saturday mornings and return on Sunday and Monday. To cover costs, the service will be $70 per person.

Shuttle Bus tickets can be purchased here: http://bit.ly/EF18ShuttleBus

Shuttle Bus Service

If you don’t own camping gear (or couldn’t be bothered dealing with it) Elements Festival 2018 will have pre-pitched bell tents available to rent. These spacious tents will be all set up for you when you arrive, in a reserved camping area close to amenities. If you’re heading out after work and aren’t keen on setting up camp in the dark, or if you just like the idea of being able to cruise in and crack a cold one the moment you step out of the car or shuttle bus, these comfy, pre-rigged tents may be just the deal you’re looking for.

Glamping Packages Available

One of our favourite parts of organising Elements Festival 2018 is getting to listen to our community’s incredible array of musical talent as we create each year’s line-up. We have to say, the quality this year was next-level so if you made a submission, well done, you definitely brought smiles to our faces.  

First Release Music Announced

To everyone who sent us music applications for Elements 2018: thank you. Weaving together a line-up for a three-day, multi-stage festival isn’t easy. But getting to peer into the inner workings of your musical minds made the monumental task a whole lot of fun.

2018 Music Applications now closed

Applications are now open for Elements 2018. So, if you’ve got a talent burning away in your little soul that you’d love to share with the world, we want to hear about it. We’re looking for musicians, performers, and artists in any and all style, no matter how bizarre!

Our marketplace is positioned in the heart of the festival ground and we want it filled with as many tasty food and drink options as possible. We also have spaces for fashion, jewellery, art and other creations so if you have a stall idea, send it our way.

Applications Open

Eyes still bright with the memories of last year, we are delighted to welcome you to the countdown for Elements 2018. Our minds have been overflowing with ideas to make this year even more of an epic adventure for you. It’s been a mission (but a fun one) to capture this creative flow and funnel it into this year’s plans. But with our beautifully diverse team of creatives, we’re slowly piecing together a new little universe for you to explore.

Welcome to Elements 2018