Welcome to Elements Festival 2021

Elements Festival: 2021 is currently loading, and this year’s instalment is coming with a hefty expansion pack and some almighty upgrades. The clever critters responsible for programming each year’s festival have ventured into uncharted territory to open up brand new areas for you to explore. They’ve also levelled-up all your favourite items and amenities to ensure the multi-dimensional playground we present to you each year will be packed full of fresh adventures. All this will, of course, be set to a pumping soundtrack provided by some of the world’s best electronic music acts.

The Elements Festival portal will be reopening from 16th - 19th December 2021, giving you access to a landscape filled with music, dimension-shifting light shows, visionary art, life-enhancing workshops, a vibrant marketplace, a delicious array of nourishing food, and performances designed to draw the whole tribe together in appreciation of each other and the magnificence of nature.