We are getting multidimensional with our art. Think live painting, comedy, staged performances, roving actors and a whole lot more. These will be both scheduled and unscheduled, across the whole weekend. The entire festival site will be our artist’s playground so you never know where they might appear and do something awesome.



Art takes time to appreciate, so we’ve made our gallery a sumptuous space for you to chill and unwind in. Connect with friends, watch art be created and, if you love something enough to want to adopt it, you can buy it directly from its maker. 



The décor is what creates our doof ecosystem. It’s the bridging point between human creativity and the natural world. We have a team of amazing people who will be weaving their creations, big and small, through the landscape of the festival, bringing us together, with each other, and our beautiful environment.



Our team of VJs and multimedia artists will be projecting the bizarre landscape of their minds onto our décor for your visual delight and confusion. There will be a collaboration of performance and projection and, knowing their eccentric natures, we can promise some brain-bending moments of mouth-open-staring as you forget where you are and get lost in their world.