Elements is a long-established part of Australia’s musical ecosystem, with roots running deep within the South-East Queensland scene. We are excited to be branching out from our inner-city parkland parties to bring you an immersive 3-day festival; a colourful explosion of art, in every form imaginable, to compliment the beautiful Aussie bushland. 

Elements will bring you all the things you’ve come to expect from an awesome music and arts festival, as well as a whole bunch of surprising treats you’ve never seen before. We are collaborating with some of the best artists, from Australia and around the world, to bring you cutting edge music (through a killer rig), lighting, lasers, video mapping, décor, shady dancefloors, an epic visionary art and chill space, imaginative kid’s zone, creative fire displays and roving performances.  So think of all the people you most want to share an adventure with, round them up, and come weave your own unique path through this patch of time and space we're creating.  

Latest News

The Elements crew have consulted and, two weeks post-event, we’re pretty sure we’re starting to feel like something resembling humans again. So much goes into creating a festival, with the intensity growing exponentially as the event draws near. You become more and more entangled in planning, building, curating, managing and then packing down and cleaning up that you don’t realise until it’s over – and you have a moment to catch your breath – just how much you’ve taken on.

2017, our debut festival experience!

If you imagine Elements festival as the most epic role-playing game ever (with mega-realistic graphics), the lifestyle zone is where you’ll go to replenish your health, mana and inventory. There will be an array of food to suit your dietary needs and fanciful whims; markets where you can stock up on fashion, jewellery and items necessary for your next quest; and beautiful installations, décor, and performances to keep you entertained while you’re there.

Lifestyle Zone Announcement

Elements festival has just grown another dimension with a fully decked out performance schedule. Like the best ice-cream flavour, there will be no boring bits, with an action-packed opener that we’re refusing to call a “ceremony” because there will be nothing ceremonious about it. From then on, it’ll be a smooth flow of choreographed circus acts, theatrics, lights, lasers, fire and led shows, rippling and swirling in amongst the tunes and flow of the party. We don’t believe in stopping the rhythm to break for performances so expect all sorts of delights to pop up around you at any moment.

Performers Announced


Elements in the Park 2017 is a not-for-profit, community-based event which brings together music, yoga, picnic and park games into one unified afternoon of sunshine and socialising.
Elements is all about diversity so we will be serving up a non-stop, rolling smorgasbord of musical delights with something to suit every taste. Kind of like tapas... only better and for your ears.

What it is:
- A free event
- For anyone, of any age, and any way of life
- Cranking from noon til 6pm

Elements in the park 2017

Are Your Ears Hungry For Music? Check Out Our Second Line-up Announcement

If your ears had tongues they’d be licking their tiny lips right now because we have a fresh new spread of aural delights lined up just for you. Narrowing it down to this final selection was no easy task. We were blown away by the quality of the applications we received and listened to every single one before making our final choices.  

Final Release Music Lineup Announced

Elements Festival first round music line-up announcement: it’s awesome because science

When your musical tastes are as wide and varied as the Elements crew’s, curating a three day, two stage festival is a complex task. We were prepared to settle for no less than the best of everything we love. Standards set impossibly high, we donned our metaphorical lab coats and set about sciencing the ultimate musical line-up. Our sonic experiment is finally out of the lab and, after successful beta testing, has been deemed fit for public consumption. 

First Release Music Lineup Announced

We’re so glad you’re here. By now you’ve probably connected with Elements in our club, rooftop and parkland parties around South East Queensland. If you haven’t yet, we’ve always got something brewing which means two things:

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