Selling | Transfer Tickets

2020 has been a rough year for all of us, on many different fronts, and to differing degrees. Though we’ve faced some battles, the love that binds the Elements crew has pulled us through, and we are adapting, evolving, and shifting our festival to a time when the restrictions will be lifted, and it will be safe to gather again. Since the coronavirus pandemic has thrown some confusion into the mix, here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about Elements Festival 2020 tickets, ReSelling and Name Changes.

For those who already have tickets:
✅  If you purchased tickets for October, they’re valid for the new dates, no action needed on your part.
✅  If you cannot make the new December dates, we ask that you take advantage of our TicketSwap or Tixel ReSellers before requesting a refund. This allows you to help a fellow Elemental out while getting your funds back quicker – everybody wins.

For those purchasing tickets:
✅ Your first stop should be TicketSwap or Tixel, our official partners and authorised ReSellers. Here, you will find tickets on offer from your fellow #elementals who are no longer able to attend this year’s event.
✅ Second is our official ticket supplier Ticketbooth. You can purchase new tickets outright or via a payment plan from Ticketbooth.
✅  Payment plans with Ticketbooth are available.
✅  Birthday tickets for 15-18 October are still available, and we’re also offering birthday tickets for the new December dates.
❌  Ticket scammers are a real threat. Do NOT buy from anyone other than our official ReSeller partners; TicketSwap or Tixel.

For those selling tickets:
✅  Please list your ticket with TicketSwap.
✅  TicketSwap will assist with the name change.

For those concerned about the unpredictability of 2020:
✅  In the unlikely event that the festival cannot go ahead on our December 2020 dates, tickets will carry through to the new dates we move to in 2021.


We hate to hit you with the screaming intensity of all-caps, but DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS FROM INDIVIDUALS ON FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GUMTREE, VIAGOGO, OR ANY OTHER SIMILAR SITES. If they’re offering a good price, it’s because the ticket isn’t real or there is no ticket at all, and it won’t feel like such a great deal when you don't receive a ticket or you’re turned away at the gate with a fake ticket. Save yourself the drama, starve the ticket scamming parasites, and go through the authorised selling platforms we’ve set up to protect our Elements tribe.