Road Trip to Elements


With Victoria facing another round of lockdowns and many travel restrictions still in place, the idea of taking a carefree road trip to a festival may seem like a distant dream. However, it’s important to not get stuck in a cycle of thinking “it’s going to be this way forever.” Elements Festival 2020 is four months away, and the crew has been working hard behind the scenes to ensure our Elementals will be able to make it out to the festival and home again safely.

Helping us in this endeavour are the Aussie travel gurus at Rhythm Abroad. These guys are experts not just in travel, but in the specifics of festival travel, meaning they can tailor their packages to include camping, glamping, accommodation along the way, and all your road tripping needs. These epic travel packages will come online in August, so rally up the troops and get pumped because you’re about to reclaim your freedom.

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