Our Values

Elements festival is a collaborative event made possible by the contributions of many beautiful humans. From the core crew, staff, volunteers, and Elements tribe to the artists, performers, and local community members who support our mission, Elements is a living expression of the philosophy that guides our decisions.

To ensure everyone is rolling to the same rhythm, we’ve outlined our core values below. These are the guiding principles we and all our contributors aim for in everything we do. We also invite all festival attendees to play an active role in supporting these initiatives as they are at the heart of every positive moment enjoyed in the Elements landscape. 


The Elements world is designed to celebrate inclusivity, diversity, community, and family values. We are a multicultural, family-friendly crew who love welcoming Elementals of all ages, from the tiniest of tribe members to the wisest of elders. Elementals of all races, cultures, ages, genders, and sexual orientations are invited to feel free in expressing your beautiful uniqueness without fear of prejudice.

We design our space to cater to the unique needs of people of all backgrounds, and each year, we are committed to learning from our tribe and implementing the facilities and creations that will keep this core value alive. 

In the spirit of inclusivity, diversity, community, and family values, we ask our tribe members to come with an attitude of respect. Respect yourselves, the environment, and every person you encounter on site. Treat every Elemental, including yourself, as a dear friend – some you already know, others you just haven’t met yet.


The Elements team is dedicated to constant growth in our knowledge and implementation of sustainable practices. Each year, we engage in research and outreach to ensure we are expanding the infrastructure and initiatives needed to be a sustainable festival. Our aim is to go beyond neutrality to become a force for good for the environment that nurtures us. 

Once again, we invite every Elemental to share this core value with us. We’re nothing without our tribe, but if we each do our part to minimise waste and care for nature, we can become a collaborative force for good in the world. 

Learn about our 2021 environment | sustainability initiatives and practices here.


One of our most important missions is to develop a space in which people party to their heart’s content in a responsible and conscious way. Though this sounds simple in theory, in practice, it is something of a challenge. We don’t wish to become a nanny state in which your every move is monitored by chaperones. Your sense of freedom and autonomy is important to us. However, we do need to continuously work on the Elements environment and the services and information we provide to ensure we are promoting safe party practices and a culture of care.

Though harm reduction is central to upholding this value, our aim is to create an environment that naturally inspires conscious celebration, with each person taking care of themselves and looking after their fellow Elementals. To do this, we will every year be developing and implementing the best possible support services to help you care for yourselves, look out for your mates, and access assistance the moment you need it. 

We ask everyone who attends Elements to join us in honouring this core value. This means coming to the festival in the spirit of partying consciously. Drink less booze and more water, treat yourself to plenty of sleep, take breaks from the heat of the sun to stretch your muscles or soak in some wisdom at a workshop. Take advantage of the revitalising food and talented healers and massage therapists in the marketplace. Care for yourself, your friends, and the tribe as a whole, and you’ll unlock new levels of energy and connectedness, no substances needed. 


While “growth at all costs” is a heavily trafficked lane in modern society, Elements is aligned with those who are committed to embracing change through continuous learning and sustainable growth. We strive to create win-win situations for the environment, the Elements crew, the Elements tribe, and the greater community. 

This overriding ethos flows through all our other core values, driving us toward growth that is environmentally conscious, inclusive, and community-minded. It is also something we share with our tribe through the workshops and cultural experiences facilitated at the festival. These offerings are carefully selected to create a space in which lifelong learning is celebrated and constant improvement encouraged on both a personal and community level.