The Elements Festival 2022 Warm-Up Party is taking over PsyDen! 
Your monthly dose of Psy Trance, Progressive and Bush Techno beats.

Step inside and outside Brightside Nightclub, Fortitude Valley on Saturday the 24th of September, and you’ll be instantly transported into the midst of the Elements Festival world. With two fully decorated, spacious dance floors (indoor/outdoor) and two major international artists dishing out the finest bass lines Brisbane city has ever seen!


Since its inception in 2017, Elements has blossomed into a major music and arts festival that’s recognised on a global scale. This growth hasn’t come without its challenges, but through the pandemic, lockdowns, travel restrictions, wild weather events, and the unexpected closure of the festival's former home, the team behind Elements has prevailed. 

The festival aims to be a zero-waste, eco-friendly event, celebrating art and culture in every form it takes. Though music is the star of...

Elements and Eden join forces to co-present PsyDen – a monthly smorgasbord of Psy Trance, Progressive, and Bush Techno for music fans to feast on.

Friday 24th June features 2 rooms / levels of quality tunes 8pm - 2am at The Rattlesnake Motel, Coolangatta, Gold Coast.


- Lusid
- Spyrax
- Razah
- Kayo & Camilla

The ethos behind this new PsyDen evolution is to...

Tribe, we are coming to you with heavy hearts and a strange mix of good and bad news. Transparency is something we value greatly, so we’re going to be as open with you as we have been with every member of our team. Due to our last-minute site change, persistent wet weather, and some frustrating but essential red tape, we have had no choice but to cancel the 2022 edition of the Elements Winter Festival.

This is not a decision we wanted to make, nor have we taken it lightly. 


2022 is a year of great change in the Elements world, but one thing that will always remain the same is our love for electronic music. We’re here to bring you the major international acts you adore alongside your favourite homegrown talent. We also make it our mission each year to introduce you to up-and-coming Dj's and producers you don’t yet know you love. 

For this year’s Elements Winter Festival, our applications portal was pushed to its limit by the abundance of talent that...

A monumental shift has happened in the Elements world, and we want to fill you in on all the details. 

If you’ve been with us over the last few years, you’ll know that we invested heavily in our home at Landcruiser Mountain Park. However, no story would be complete without a plot twist or two, and we just hit a massive one – Landcruiser Mountain Park has been sold and closed to all activities and events, including Elements Festivals. 

Like all good plot twists, this news took...

If you’re ready to share your creative talents with the Elements tribe, March is your month! The application portal is open and it’s hungry for tasty new music, art, market stalls, workshops, and performances. We love supporting new talent at Elements, and with two major festivals and plenty of events in between, 2022 can be your year to shine.


Welcome to Elements Festival TunesDay Sound Cast.
Delivering the finest selection of house, techno, progressive, psychedelic, bass, dnb, downtempo and more. 

The TunesDay SoundCast offers a regular supply of piping-hot mixes, fresh from the decks of rising stars and world-renowned DJs. You’ll get to sample the sonic selections of some of Australia’s most interesting new artists, supporting locally-grown talent while also treating yourself to mixes from some of the world’s...

In 2022, the team behind Elements Festival is expanding into new musical territory. Joining forces with the talented events professionals behind Eden, Elements will be co-presenting PsyDen – a monthly smorgasbord of Psy Trance, Progressive, and Bush Techno for music fans to feast on. 

Fans of Psy Trance and its adjacent genres will likely recognise PsyDen as a mainstay of Queensland’s music scene that ticks all the boxes except for regularity. Both Elements and Eden saw the importance...

If you ever feel like a mid-week dance floor sesh, the Elements YouTube Channel is the place to be. You'll find a collection of live-recorded Feature Performance films that drop you straight back into festival life. Join us over on YouTube for these and many more! The latest Feature Performance set from Double Touch just dropped and there's plenty more in the...