Winter Festival Cancelled

Tribe, we are coming to you with heavy hearts and a strange mix of good and bad news. Transparency is something we value greatly, so we’re going to be as open with you as we have been with every member of our team. Due to our last-minute site change, persistent wet weather, and some frustrating but essential red tape, we have had no choice but to cancel the 2022 edition of the Elements Winter Festival.

This is not a decision we wanted to make, nor have we taken it lightly. 

Though we are in love with our new site, we haven’t yet had the chance to develop it to the level you’re all used to at our former home in Landcruiser Mountain Park. With the endless wet weather slowing our development of new roads and other infrastructure, we have been placed in a position where we must prioritise the safety of our crew and our tribe over our desire to forge ahead with the festival. The long-range forecast predicts the wet weather will be with us until at least June. While we’re continuing to develop the site, it’s just not worth putting anyone at risk by rushing through projects in dangerous conditions.

Now for the strangely good news! Though winter will be a little quieter this year, we will now be channeling all our energy into our main event – Elements Festival 2022. With many more months (and a dry season) stretching between now and October, we have time to complete all the upgrades needed to give you a smooth transition into our new home. 

If you purchased tickets for the Elements Winter Festival, there’s no need to stress as your ticket will simply roll over to Elements Festival 2022 (Oct 13-16). This means you’ll get to enjoy a generous discount for the October festival on us! If this isn’t quite to your liking, we’re able to offer the following options:  

  1. Request a 75% refund on your ticket and donate the remaining 25% (minus ticketing fees) to supporting Elements as we navigate this difficult time. 
  2. Donate 100% of your ticket price to supporting Elements.
  3. Request a full refund on your ticket (minus ticketing fees, which are out of our control). 

These ticket options are available now until 8am Friday the 27th of May. If you don’t make a selection within this time frame, your ticket will automatically be transferred to Elements Festival 2022. And full transparency once again – this truly would be the best thing you could do to support the Elements community. It means we get to see your beautiful faces out at Elements Festival 2022, and crucially, it helps us fund the infrastructure upgrades needed to give you the star treatment you’re used to at our events. 

Of course, we’re here to support whichever option works for you, so if you don’t wish to take advantage of the ticket transfer, please email support [at] to request any of the other three options.