Welcome to Elements 2018

Eyes still bright with the memories of last year, we are delighted to welcome you to the countdown for Elements 2018. Our minds have been overflowing with ideas to make this year even more of an epic adventure for you. It’s been a mission (but a fun one) to capture this creative flow and funnel it into this year’s plans. But with our beautifully diverse team of creatives, we’re slowly piecing together a new little universe for you to explore.

If you loved last year’s mini-world, then you’ll be even more stoked with the developments we’re making this year. And if 2018 will be your first Elements, then welcome! You’re in for a treat. Our team of crazy and talented creatives are dedicated to bringing you a next level music and arts festival. Each year, we reinvent our map, filling the landscape with new delightful oddities for you to explore and unlock.

No two days will ever be the same because Elements is more than just an endless loop back and forth between camping and the dancefloor. Every moment is an opportunity for newness and adventure. Not just another music festival and definitely not your average doof, Elements is an ever-growing adventure not to be missed.