You know how much it sucks waiting in queues? The frustration that rises as you swear the line isn’t even moving. The impatience that jackhammers through your fingers as time grows infinitely slower with every passing second. “What the hell are they doing up there, solving world peace?” We’ve all been there. But what if there was something you could do to fix it? Elements is giving you that impossible power.

Here’s how you activate it: if you want to bring a vehicle into the festival, purchase your vehicle pass online. Here’s why you should: the carpark is a 1km walk from the festival entry and, if you’re riding into the campgrounds on anything other than your feet, purchasing a vehicle pass is your only option. To ensure everyone’s vehicles are as safe as possible, the carpark will be fenced off and manned around the clock. This means access will only be granted to those with a carpark wrist band and no camping will be allowed in the carpark. Please take these facts into consideration when determining whether you need a vehicle pass and, for the sake of all your fellow Elementals, make up your mind and sort your pass out before you get to the gate. You may not be able to solve world peace, but this is a power that is entirely in your hands.