Vaccine Mandates

👩‍⚕️ Vaccine Mandates 👩‍⚕️
We are aware that many, if not all, of you have questions about how the recently announced QLD vaccine mandates will impact your attendance at Elements Festival 2021 and we hope to clarify everything in this post. [🙏]
We want to be clear we believe our gathering, and our entire scene is founded on and celebrates principles of inclusivity, diversity and unity. As with many, we are deeply saddened by the division this issue has created within our culture and the wider community and look forward to a time when this period of our lives is nothing more than a distant memory.\

We will turn off comments on this post to avoid political debate on what is a festival page. We don't want to stifle voices, however, we have all seen what happens in vaccine threads online and just don't want that negativity further driving the divide in our beloved tribe. If you have further questions about your individual situation, please first check information on the QLD Health website and if you can’t find an answer, email info [at] Thank you for understanding.
The vaccine mandates come into effect in Queensland on 17 December. Our gates open on 16 December. While we will do everything in our power to comply with mandates from 17 December, we recognise that operating in such a remote environment means there will inherently be some challenges in doing so. Issues with internet and phone service at the location make policing the mandates a difficult task for our staff and we ask that all patrons act with patience, kindness and respect when interacting with team members performing a difficult task- especially at the gate.
To assist our efforts, we ask patrons to download and take a screenshot of their vaccine confirmation to show our staff on entry. Please be aware we may be required to implement additional measures and should that be the case, we will make additional public statements.

🛩 Interstate | Domestic Travellers 🛩
The announced mandates require all interstate travellers to be fully vaccinated or undergo quarantine at their own expense. Additionally, all travellers require a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours before your departure to Queensland.
If you are a current ticket holder who cannot meet those requirements, you can resell your ticket via our official reseller, Tixel, and we will not charge the usual name change fee or alternatively, if you wish to credit your ticket for a one of Elements main 2022 events, we would be happy to transfer your ticket. Please email this request no later than 11pm Sunday the 12th December.

💚 Health & Safety at Elements Festival 2021 💚
Elements have worked closely with QLD Health to develop a Covid safe plan that includes contact tracing and providing more medical services on site than previously. Sanitiser and other hygiene measures will be supplied around the festival grounds in obvious locations- please use them.

There will be no density limits on dance floors during the festival, however, if security staff feel any space is overfilled and dangerous, they may restrict further access.

Some people may feel more comfortable wearing masks in crowded spaces. Please respect people's individual choices.
Most of all, please remain aware at all times that Elements is a Music and Arts festival. It's a place of celebration and love. 💚 Everyone attending holds a diverse opinion on this whole situation that covers the entire range of spectrums. Please respect one another, leave the outside world behind and the political debate and divisiveness at home. 🙏