Psyden - Your Monthly Dose

In 2022, the team behind Elements Festival is expanding into new musical territory. Joining forces with the talented events professionals behind Eden, Elements will be co-presenting PsyDen – a monthly smorgasbord of Psy Trance, Progressive, and Bush Techno for music fans to feast on. 

Fans of Psy Trance and its adjacent genres will likely recognise PsyDen as a mainstay of Queensland’s music scene that ticks all the boxes except for regularity. Both Elements and Eden saw the importance of developing this valuable event into the powerful musical force it could be. In the spirit of creativity, collaboration seemed like the most logical way to trigger PsyDen’s evolution. 

The ethos behind this new PsyDen evolution is to showcase the best local, domestic, and international artists who are creating waves with underground sounds. Each night will be carefully curated to create a sumptuous sonic journey that folds the psychedelic genres into one another like musical origami.