New Site - Next Level Unlocked!

Remember how we told you Elements would be levelling-up in 2018? Well, get set for one of our most exciting announcements yet: a brand new, upgraded, super-sized, pimped out site for you to explore.

While our original site at 4x4 Springs in Warwick was beautiful, and we are full of gratitude for the generosity and hard work of the land owners, we have most definitely outgrown the space. The new landscape you get to play in for Elements Festival 2018 is tucked away in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, in a never-before-used section of the beautiful Landcruiser Mountain Park. It’s about 2.5 hours north of Brisbane and you’re in for a beautiful drive with easy 2wd access and a shuttle bus option.

The lush, green site is flatter and more expansive with plenty of toilets and showers. When you arrive, you’ll have a bustling little world to discover, full of stages, markets, workshops, art installations, chill zones and so much more. We hope you’re as amped to explore the new Elements map as we are to create it for you.