Leave NO Trace!

As an attendee of this year’s festival, we’re delighted to welcome you into the Elements tribe. You’re now an important part of a global collective of like-minded souls who adore music, art, social inclusivity, freedom of expression, and the natural environment. With this in mind, we respectfully ask you to be gentle with the environment and conscious of your actions. As Elementals, we are dedicated to leaving the landscape as clean and beautiful as it was when we arrived. Here are our favourite tips to make this easy for you: 

⇥  Pack wisely, bring plenty of bin bags, and opt for minimal/recyclable packaging where possible
⇥  Employ the “one touch” rule: as soon as you’re done with something, bin it
⇥  Don’t drop rubbish on the dancefloor. We provide plenty of bins in easy reach, and we guarantee it’ll make your stomp sessions that much more fun if you’re not navigating piles of trash!
⇥  If you spot someone else’s rubbish on the ground, take a second to pick it up and bin it. And if you see someone doing this, congratulate them for being an absolute legend. Your brain will reward you with a sweet dose of happy chemicals, so it’s wins all around!