Elements Moves to December 2020

Who would’ve though 2020 would be the year we all spent huddled inside in our bathrobes, muttering about self-isolation, flattening curves, the ethics of mask wearing, and the possibility of murder hornet attacks? Fake news has become even more difficult to spot because after the year we’ve all had, anything seems plausible. An alien invasion is imminent? “Yep, sounds about right.” Sharks with legs have escaped a secret lab to terrorise people on dry land? “At least we’ll get some cardio.” Through this year of shocks and challenges, the Elements crew has been adapting and flowing with the changes, keeping just one goal in mind – to ensure Elements Festival 2020 is able to safely go ahead.

At the heart of Elements Festival lies a desire to escape from the hectic intensity of city life and delve into a hidden world populated by a tribe of likeminded souls who love sharing music, art, food, and fun in the beauty of the natural environment. While we would love to wrap the safe dimensions of the Elements universe over our heads like a blanket and disappear until 2020 is over, we are a part of the global community. Our responsibilities lie out here, doing everything we can to support those whose lives have been impacted by the events of this crazy year.

The most important way we’re supporting Aussie artists, event staff, and music lovers is by ensuring Elements Festival 2020 goes ahead at a time when the restrictions have been lifted and it’s safe to gather again. Our 2020 reboot will be upgraded with everything needed to ensure we’re abiding by the new public gathering laws and protocols. Though you will be stepping into a brave new festival world, it will, of course, follow the Elements ritual of being more visually spectacular and packed with adventure than the year before, and most importantly, driven by an ethos of love, kindness, and community spirit.

Elements Festival will be enticing you back out into the beauty of Landcruiser Mountain Park, Sunshine Coast Hinterland, Queensland from 17th December to 20th December 2020. Tickets are available online now, and all tickets purchased for October will be valid for the new dates.