COVID-19 October Update

Greetings Elementals!

With 2 months to go until Elements Festival 2020, we’re happy to bring you our mid October update!  At this stage, the decision is unanimous... Elements will continue to push ahead for 17th - 20th December 2020 at Landcruiser Mountain Park in Queensland's Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  Our team is working tirelessly behind the scenes to present our community with an amazing event to close out this difficult and challenging year.  We’re all feeling the absence of friends by our sides, sunshine on our faces, and the dirt floor beneath our feet. So we’re sure you’re with us when we say this will provide a much needed opportunity to reunite and celebrate with the family and loved ones you’ve been missing this year. 

Elements 2020 will be a Covid-Safe event, and the Elements team are working closely with the relevant authorities to finalise our plans.  We’re grateful for the positive progress in our home state of Queensland throughout the past few months, and we’re happy to announce our comprehensive Covid-Safe Plan has been finalised and submitted to QLD Health. We expect to have confirmation in the next few weeks.

In order to proceed with our 2020 edition, we’ve had to give our usual festival format a bit of an overhaul. In addition to capping attendance to keep numbers at a safe level, we’ll also be condensing some of the festival’s attractions, stages and operational hours to meet Covid-Safe requirements. Behind the scenes, we’re implementing appropriate measures for our staff, security and medics so they can safely manage the event within this highly specific framework.  As this is a dynamic situation with an ongoing trajectory of easing restrictions, we will keep working on these plans to ensure the festival you get to enjoy is as packed full of adventure as possible. We will also keep you in the loop with regular updates on what you can expect from this year's event. This festival will be a unique one, that’s for sure! Its final form will be clear in November and we will update you all at that time. 

Based on the current progress of border closures / restrictions we are unable to confirm our exact music and arts program in this 'Covid19 October Update'. What we can say for now is that Australia is brimming with an abundance of talented artists. So, you can expect synapse-sizzling musical sessions that will get your happy chemicals flowing. Our goal is to see smiling faces and stomping feet. So, whatever condition the borders are in when December rolls around, you can trust Elements to select a diverse line up of talent from those permitted to travel and attend. 

We are incredibly grateful for your ongoing support, trust and patience as we navigate an unprecedented situation for the festival industry.  In return, we have doubled down on your commitment to give you absolute respect, open communication and honest transparency.  We are tracking the Covid-Safe compliance measures we need to implement and the changes to our projected attendance, and we will deliver the best possible festival within these parameters. We acknowledge that this year's reduced format may not match what we have been able to deliver in the ideal circumstances we used to think of as normality, but we kindly ask for your support and understanding of the challenges we're working to overcome in 2020. By backing us this year, you’re giving both the festival and the local music scene a fighting chance for years to come.

In these uncertain times, we are working hard to maintain a flexible approach to the festival and ticketing to make sure things work for you and all our supporters.

  • If you no longer wish to attend this year's reduced festival we are happy to credit your ticket for our 2021 event.
  • If you are physically unable to attend due to potential border restrictions or quarantining in December, we are happy to credit your ticket for our 2021 event.
  • If you start showing symptoms of Covid19 in the week of the event, please get tested and stay home. We will credit your ticket for our 2021 event.
  • If a ticket credit for our full compliment 2021 event is not in your favour, we kindly ask you to list your ticket through our authorised ticket ReSellers; Tixel and TicketSwap.
  • Elements will pause our official ticket sales for one week in December to concentrate on all ReSales through Tixel and TicketSwap, so you can be assured that this is the quickest solution to receiving your funds in full.
  • If you do not wish to credit your ticket or ReSell your ticket, you can request a refund (via email) up until 12pm Wednesday the 16th December.
  • All refund requests will be dealt with in January 2021, after the completion of the 2020 event and the end-of-year holiday break.

Once again, thank you so much for your incredible support. 2020 hasn’t been the year any of us expected or would have wished for, and it has been a monumental challenge for people who make their living in the entertainment and music industry. However, one thing has been made abundantly clear by this shocker of a year: the events we’ve all been missing and the beautiful experiences they make possible have significant value, and we all need that connection now more than ever. So, thank you all for going on the journey with us. Your support means everything as we work to deliver the best version of our beloved festival that we can in this chaotic year.