Covid-19 November Update

Greetings Elementals!

This is honestly one of our most exciting announcements to date. Elements Festival 2020 is just 6 weeks away and we have the official tick of approval for our COVID-Safe plan and full support from Queensland Health. 

Getting to this point took a lot of hard work and perseverance from our dedicated crew. This approval means the world to us as it’s taking us all one step closer to a revival of the music scene we’ve all been missing so badly this year.   

What does this mean for you? Well, there are a few important factors you need to be aware of. We’ve broken everything down below: 

Our guaranteed COVID-Safe edition of Elements Festival will feature one main stage of music (the legendary Tribal Council stage), an art gallery, a kids/family zone, workshops area, markets, chill zones, performer jam spaces, and more. 

Though this is already awesome in our books, we want to give you the most mind-blowing experience we safely can. So, we’ve already submitted an alteration request to reinstate our 2nd and 3rd music stages and extend our hours of operation. Given the way things are improving, this request is well within the realm of the possible. However, there’s no guarantee, and we will probably be waiting a couple of weeks for the answer. Keep an eye out for updates as we’ll let you know the moment we have news on this front. 

Now for the question that seems (understandably) to be at the forefront of all your minds: will dancing be allowed at Elements Festival 2020? Queensland’s ‘No Dancing’ law is up for review in the first week of December. Until that time, we can’t give you a definite answer. But the situation is looking hopeful, and we will update you the moment we know!

Though we are putting every resource we have into making this edition of the festival a banger, we’re doing so in the midst of a continuously unfolding, low-key apocalyptic scenario. Your health and safety are our primary concerns, so in the end, we will give you as much freedom as possible under the Queensland Health regulations. 



Our line-up is a little up in the air at the moment too. Based on the positive trajectory we’re seeing across all Australian states, the projection is that Queensland’s borders will be open to the rest of East-Coast Australia from late November onwards (early December at the latest).  This would mean our original Australian line-up would be back on track!

If borders remain closed, the Elements Festival 2020 music line-up will be made up of Queenslanders and Australian artists permitted to enter Queensland without quarantining. This scenario will also activate several ticketing options for those impacted. 


The leadup to this year’s festival has been filled with an unavoidable sense of uncertainty. We are beyond grateful for the level of support and commitment our community has shown. However, we understand that, for any number of reasons, the events of this year may have been too disruptive for you to be able to attend Elements as planned. To make life as easy as possible for you, we’ve developed a number of options you can utilise: 

  • If you no longer wish to attend this year's festival, we are happy to credit your ticket for the 2021 instalment which will be a reignition of the full-power experience you’ve come to expect from Elements. 
  • If there are restrictions in place in December that render you unable to attend, we are happy to credit your ticket for our full compliment 2021 event. Please email Elements before 12 pm Wednesday the 16th December to inform us you will not be using your ticket in 2020.
  • If on the week of the event, you are showing symptoms of COVID19, please get tested, stay home and send us an email before 12 pm Wednesday the 16th December to inform us you will not be using your ticket in 2020. We will credit your ticket for our full compliment 2021 event.
  • If the ticket credit option isn’t viable for you, we kindly ask you to list your ticket through our authorised ticket Resellers: Tixel and TicketSwap. This is the quickest way to get your funds back in full, and it allows you to help out a fellow Elemental, so everybody wins. 
  • Elements will pause our official ticket sales for one week in December to concentrate on all ReSales through Tixel and TicketSwap. This means if there are any regulations preventing you from being able to attend, you should have an easy time reselling your ticket. 
  • If neither of these options are suitable, you can request a refund (via email) up until 12 pm Wednesday the 16th December. All refund requests will be dealt with once this year's event has been completed, meaning you can expect a resolution in January 2021. 

Elements will proceed on the 17th - 20th December 2020 at Landcruiser Mountain Park in Queensland's Sunshine Coast Hinterland. We will be capping this year’s attendance at 3000 to ensure everyone’s safety and we will also be one of Australia’s first 4-day music and art festivals to return post-pandemic. With all these factors combined, it’s looking like the festival will sell out earlier than usual this year, so if you want to join the fun, secure your ticket today!