Christian Kerr

Christian Kerr

Christian Kerr Bio

Eclectic and diverse are words that would best describe Christian Kerr’s musical approach and style.

After a couple of years performing locally in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Christian flew to India to visit Goa where he played at some of the of destinations premium clubs, such as Waters, Marbella and Chronicle to name a few. It was in Goa, that Christian fell in love with worldly ethnic sounds and tribal percussive elements that can often be heard within his sets to this day.

After years of travel he then returned back to Brisbane to live, soon becoming a Dragonfruit resident. Fridays became a vessel to deeper explore a more stripped back minimal and tech-house sound as well as building experience as a resident within a successful brand.

Later that same year, Christian joined forces with some of the cities finest; Apro, Jesse Kuch and Butterz starting a new event brand called MELT.

They envisioned a party that would focus on deep melodic-house and progressive music at heart whilst also putting an emphasis on the theming and decorating.

Currently, Christian can be heard playing a minimal/tech-house sound at Dragonfruit and a melodic-house/progressive sound at Melt parties and festivals.


Christian has performed at events ran by Dragonfuit, Melt, S.A.S.H, LGM, Elements Festival, Earth Frequency, Lé Froth, Bass Swag and Open Records.

He has supported artists such as Tim Engelhardt, Tim Green, Gorge, Rossko, Yokoo, Dousk, Hector, Pawsa, Kink and Joseph Capriati to name a few.