Here you will find an overview of Elements Festival 2019 essentials. Any burning questions you have about what we provide and what you need to do to have a kickass time can probably be answered by having a cruise through these pages. We put a lot of effort into anticipating and catering for your needs and desires so you might be surprised to discover all the perks and options we have available for you. Anything not listed? Please also check our FAQ and T&C pages.



Elements Festival is all about making life easier for you. In this spirit, we will be providing ATMs at the festival. Some markets may also be equipped with EFTPOS facilities. While this is awesome, please keep in mind, we are going to be out in the bush. So, there is always the possibility of signal drop outs. We recommend coming prepared with cash and using the ATMs as a backup.



Elements Festival 2019 will operate as a BYO event. The whole purpose of our festival is to create a good time for you and, trust us, we’ve doofed enough to know you’re going to have a way better time if you stay safe and responsible with your alcohol consumption. Please limit the amount of BYO alcohol brought onto site. Absolutely NO glass. Management reserve the right to confiscate any glass bottles and excessive amounts of alcohol.

Our food markets will serve a wide variety of healthy snacks and delicious meals to keep you fuelled all weekend. Our focus is on having something for everyone so vegetarian, vegan and other dietary requirements will all be provided for.



General Camping
You are on your way to three days in the Aussie bush. That means awesome times ahead, so long as you plan and prepare. We have brought in infrastructure and staff to make the festival grounds as safe as possible for you, but we are not your parents. It’s up to you to bring along all the things you’ll need to keep yourself comfortable and sheltered, whatever the conditions.  The perfect festival campsite is an art form, developed and refined over many festival adventures. While it’s up to you to pimp your festival home in your own unique style, you should check out our Survival Guide for a list of all the camping essentials. In planning your camping setup, please bear in mind, your Elements Festival ticket includes access to the General Camp Grounds from Friday to Monday for you the ticketholder. This does not include a vehicle. If you wish to have your vehicle in the camp ground, you will need to purchase a Vehicle Pass. 

Family | Quiet Camping
Elements Festival is all about inclusivity and allowing people from all walks of life to carve their own unique path through our world. We understand that families have different camping requirements to other tribe members, so we have a dedicated area situated slightly away from the other camp areas. This quiet little haven is perfect for families with little ones who need peace and quiet to sleep. This area will be clearly signed and we ask that all our Elementals show respect for the quiet nature of this region of the Elements map. 
In Tent City (Rent-A-Tent options)
Elements Festival 2019 has its own beautifully organised tent city. Similar to our glamping village, tent city is a cheaper option that comes with the bonus of being environmentally friendly. Your festival lodgings come in the form of rad little recyclable tents from Kar-Tent, complete with all the bedding you need to be cosy and comfortable. 

To help you maximise your Elements experience, we’ve created a beautiful little village of bell tents, ready and waiting for an assortment of Elementals to populate it. Along with your spacious pre-pitched tent, you get an airbed, sheets, doona, pillows, led lighting and a rug. These spacious and decadent rigs are ideal for those of you who’d like to balance your time in the Aussie wilderness with a bit of comfort and luxury. They’re also perfectly suited to anyone who may be arriving late, especially if you’re rocking up after work. Finally reaching your campsite and being already completely setup means you get to dive into the adventure without a moment’s hesitation. Think of it like skipping the annoying instructional level at the start of a game. If that sounds like your jam, then book your bell tent quickly because our glamping village always fills up fast. 

[Please Note]
5m Bell tents are priced to accommodate 2 people.
Small fees apply for extra bedding to accommodate a 3rd or 4th person. ⁠
Tickets & Info:



Because your safety and wellbeing are of paramount concern to us, we have pulled together a brilliant security team. This expert crew perfectly blends their chill and friendly vibes with the ability to quickly de-escalate any situations that may arise. They will be your watchful protectors over the course of the event so please help them have a good time too by acting responsibly and thoughtfully. Anyone caught engaging in violent, discriminatory or antisocial behaviour will have security to contend with and, if their actions warrant it, may be ejected and handed over to police. Please also keep in mind, security will be searching vehicles for glass, so save yourself the hassle and DO NOT bring any with you onto site as it will have to be confiscated. 



While we encourage our Elemental family to take responsibility for yourselves, be thoughtful in your actions, and always keep an eye out for your friends and fellow humans, we understand that life doesn’t always go to plan. For your safety and wellbeing, we have enlisted an expert team of medics who are experienced in supporting festivals. Should you have any injuries or health concerns of any form, please don’t be shy about visiting our friendly team. There’s nothing they haven’t seen before and they’re always happy to help.