Whether you’re after some delicious pre-dancefloor fuel or a rad new costume, we got you. Elements will be hosting a selection of the tastiest eateries to cater for all your crazy dietary requirements. As well as unique clothing, jewellery, handmade creations, and sustainably sourced fares from around the world.  


You are on your way to three days in the Aussie bush. That means awesome times ahead, so long as you plan and prepare. We have brought in infrastructure and staff to make the festival grounds as safe as possible for you but we are not your parents. It’s up to you to bring along all the things you’ll need to keep yourself comfortable and sheltered, whatever the conditions.  

The perfect festival campsite is an art form, developed and refined over many doofs. While it’s up to you to pimp your festival home in your own unique style, you should check out our Survival Guide for a list of all the camping essentials. 


If you don’t own camping gear (or couldn’t be bothered dealing with it) we have pre-pitched  bell tents available to rent. These spacious tents will be all set up for you when you arrived, in a reserved camping area close to amenities. If you’re heading out after work and aren’t keen on setting up camp in the dark, or if you just like the idea of being able to cruise in and crack a cold one the moment you step out of the car, these comfy, pre-rigged tents may be just the deal you’re looking for. Bedding packages are also available.  

The purchase of a Glamping package DOES NOT include an entry ticket into the festival. Ticket to the festival must be bought separately. 


Elements Festival is all about making life easier for you. In this spirit, we will be providing ATMs at the festival. Some markets may also be equipped with EFTPOS facilities. While this is awesome, please keep in mind, we are going to be out in the bush. So, there is always the possibility of signal drop outs. We recommend coming prepared with cash and using the ATMs as a backup.


Elements Festival 2018 would not be possible without the love and support of our local crews.