Festival Guide

Think of this as your gamer’s guide: essential reading for anyone who wants to avoid silly mistakes and set yourself up to master Elements Festival 2019 like a boss.



Inclusivity & Diversity - The Elements tribe is founded on the principles of nurturing community and creating a space in which everyone shares a role in creating the experience. There are no ‘Non Playing Characters’ in the Elements world. You are just as important as every musician, DJ, performer and artist because it is you for whom we all come together. ‍ This is an indelible part of the lore of the Elements world, made official within our inclusivity and diversity policy. The formula we follow is one that ensures our line-up is diverse, featuring people from all stages of their career and from a wide variety of genres, Further, we welcome and encourage people of all races, ages, abilities, genders and orientations. All walks of life are welcomed in our world, with the one provision being that you treat your fellow Elementals with the respect, kindness and love all living beings deserve.



Without the beauty of the Aussie bush, Elements wouldn’t have a place to call home. We are so thankful for the lush, natural landscape we get to build our world in; the grass that softens our steps, the trees that give us shade, the sun that warms our faces and the little creatures that share their habitat with us. Having been given so much, the least we can do is leave their home in mint condition when it’s time for us to return to ours. 
We ask that you share in our deep respect for the environment and leave your camping area as clean as you found it. This means taking responsibility for any rubbish you see, whether you dropped it or not. We have numerous bins spread throughout the festival grounds and a piece of dropped rubbish is someone else’s oversight but your opportunity to do a solid for nature. It takes only a few seconds, but then you get to revel in the satisfaction of your good deed for as long as you want. If you see someone picking up rubbish, be sure to give them a high five to boost the good feels because the world needs more legends like that. 



For the Elements world to be able to return to you, re-imagined, year after year, it is vital for us to be sustainable. We need to exist in harmony with the natural environment we reside in. This means more than just initiating and maintaining sustainable practices. We are committed to building on our initiatives so that each year we come away with better results than the last. While minimising environmental impact is important, we are aiming to actually have a positive effect on the local ecosystem.

In order to achieve this bold proposal, we have amped up our environmental initiatives for Elements Festival 2019. While we are putting in the hard yards implement these plans, our world is a collaborative one and this is, perhaps, the most important part for you to get involved in. As you play through our landscape, we ask that you keep the following initiatives in mind and take an active part in this aspect of the game.  

Leave No Trace
Your ticket into Elements Festival 2019 does not entitle you to leave rubbish all over the place for someone else to pick up. We’ve all seen the state that other events in Australia, and around the world, are left in. You, my friend, are above that kind of behaviour. As part of the Elements tribe, we encourage you to get on board with our ethos of protecting the stunning ecosystem we are so lucky to call home. And we make it super easy for you. Bins and skips are to be found all throughout the Elements map for you to deposit your rubbish into.

Our leave no trace ethos is as simple as it sounds: be gentle with the environment, be conscious of your actions and leave the landscape as clean as it was when you arrived. To make it as easy as possible for you to achieve this, here are our top tips:

Plan ahead, bring only the essentials, go for items with minimal/recyclable packaging and pack plenty of bin bags;

  • Employ the “one touch” rule: as soon as you’re done with something, find a bin and get rid of it. We have plenty all through the site so this shouldn’t be hard;
  • Crush cans and boxes to maximise space in bins;
  • When you’re on the dancefloor, don’t be lazy and just drop your rubbish. It takes a few seconds to get it to one of the many bins around the dancefloors and your fellow Elementals will thank you for keeping the space clean!
  • If you see someone else’s rubbish on the ground, be a legend and put it in the bin for them. And if you see someone being a legend and picking up someone else’s trash, give them a high five because no good deed should ever be ignored.

We encourage you to take these behaviours home with you when you leave the Elements world as they will make you one kickass member of the community.

Clean Ya Camp
Elements Staff and Volunteers will be wandering through the campsites all weekend collecting rubbish, so be sure to have your campsite clean and we’ll take your full bin bags and give you some freshies. This will make life easier for you when the time comes to pack up and go home. We look after you like that.

Bin Ya Butts
If you have rubbish, don’t drop it until your hand is over a bin. This is especially true of cigarette butts. We understand that it’s gross to have a bunch of loose, smelly butts in your pocket. To be fair, though, you’re the one who smoked them. Nature had nothing to do with it so you’re the one who needs to suck it up and deal with it. Harsh but fair. While they’re a bit of an inconvenience for you, they are a toxic fire hazard to the environment that can take up to ten years to break down. The solution? Butt bins. You can make one out of literally any small container that fits in your pocket. If you don’t have one, we got you. Head over to the Festival Info Tent and collect a complimentary Butt Bin container.

Dunk Ya Cans
We admit we can get a bit preachy about all this “take responsibility for your rubbish” business. But it’s only because we care so much. To take a bit of the pressure off and make doing the right thing fun, we’re installing hoops over our recycling bins so you can dunk ya cans. The things we do for you guys.

BYO Bottle
Elements Festival has a strong commitment to the environment and a huge part of this revolves around reducing waste. While it’s important to ensure you are all well-hydrated, single-use water bottles are problematic for the environment. As such, we are getting on board with Bring Your Own Bottle initiative. All those involved in creating the Elements world will be using reusable bottles and we are asking you, our Elements tribe, to get on board and Bring Your Own Bottle too. If you’re in need of a new one, we have created a limited run of super-practical, stainless-steel bottles, featuring a killer Elements design. These are available online in our merchandise section and may also be purchased mid-festival from the Info Tent. If you’re travelling light, you can fill up your reusable bottle at the water points we have spread throughout the map. If you’ve got the capacity, be sure to bring a reusable bulk water container for your camp. We’d love for you to join us in showing the world just how clean and responsible festival lovers can be.

Composting Toilets
In addition to the pre-existing toilet blocks, we will have composting toilets available for you to use. Not only does this eliminate those dreaded toilet line-ups, it is yet another way we can give back to the environment. Who would’ve thought your pee and poo could be so useful? While it’s a hazard if distributed recklessly, when deposited within one of our composting toilets even your most hideous post-party production will be converted into nourishing food for the Earth.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: carpooling is the best way to get out to the festival. Along with the money-saving benefits of pooling your travel funds, having fewer cars on the road and on site is better for the environment. Not only does carpooling cut back on emissions, it means we have fewer vehicles disturbing the land and the wildlife that inhabits it.

Shuttle Bus
If you’re travelling light and don’t need a car, our shuttle bus may be the perfect way for you to get out to Elements Festival 2019. With one vehicle transporting a whole busload of Elementals out to site, this is the ultimate form of carpooling and takes the pressure off our natural habitat by reducing emissions and having fewer vehicles disturbing the environment.



Take it easy, this is Straya! It’s kind of an Aussie thing to take pride in how extreme our home is. But sometimes you have to be real about it. Plan for any possible weather conditions with clothing and camping supplies that’ll keep your rig sorted for the duration of the event.  Mixing hot days with running around, dancing, boozing, and perhaps not eating and sleeping as well as you should, increases your chances of getting dehydration, heat stroke, or injuring yourself through some poorly thought out prank. Drink water. Take rests. Get some sleep. Be mindful of how you’re feeling. And be aware of others.



“Blow Me First” may sound like a provocative turn of phrase, but at the heart of this phrase lies an organisation’s commitment to starting a conversation with young adults about responsible consumption of alcohol. Facilitating on the front line of music festivals Australia-wide, Blow Me First is the leading intoxication information and education based service. Operating since 2010, they have been exploring innovative and practical solutions to ensure patron safety and wellbeing at events.
Blow Me First’s aim is to promote safe social environments by raising awareness amongst consumers to understand their level of intoxication, and make informed choices based on that knowledge. Forming a friendly conversation in a positive context about the effects of inebriates, and the dangers of associated behaviours, empowers festival-goers to make responsible decisions.

Blow Me First will be operate at this year’s Elements Festival 2019: The service is designed to give patrons access to a breath test or saliva swab before leaving the festival. Blow Me First’s long term sponsor Drager has also worked tirelessly to further improve the quality of testing swabs in the market, and are now the leading player in this field. Offering the highest quality and standard of testing equipment that will be readily available at this years event, this partnership allows Blow Me First to provide the best road products at an affordable price to the consumer. To you. So please - be safe. And get tested.



What To Bring
While we all love to be spontaneous, when it comes to a three-day festival in the bush, you kinda need to do a bit of preparation. It doesn’t take much effort, will maximise you good times and will mean we don't end up seeing unused food, drinks and camping equipment abandoned at the end of the event. We are a leave no trace festival. This means whatever you take out goes home with you too. So, the less you bring, the less you’ll have to deal with when it’s time to pack up.  

To make this whole planning thing easier for you, we have compiled a list of essentials that has been crafted by the Elements crew over many years of festival-going. Learn from our mistakes and triumphs and be sure to pack the following:

  • Esky (ice is available for purchase on site)
  • Reusable water bottle (fill up from the free water stations throughout the site)
  • Plenty of drinking water to keep at camp (in a reusable bulk water container)
  • Sun protection – hat, sunscreen, sunglasses
  • Clothes for all conditions – hot, cold and wet –
  • Shoes for all conditions
  • Rubbish bags for your camp and butt bins if you’re a smoker
  • Camping gear – tent (make sure you have the pegs and poles), tarps, ropes and poles
  • Bedding – mattress, pillow, sleeping bag 
  • Torch / headlamp
  • Earplugs for when you need some sleep
  • Towel
  • Insect repellent

What NOT To Bring
Everyone parties differently so, just to be sure we’re all on the same page, here’s a list of things we don’t want to see at Elements:

  • Pets
  • Glass
  • Fires
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Fireworks
  • Generators
  • Powered speakers
  • Motorbikes, quad bikes, powered bicycles, skateboards, scooters (unless it’s the vehicle that got you to site, leave it at home)
  • Drugs (or excessive amounts of alcohol)
  • Anti-social behaviour



If you like saving time and money, we recommend pre-purchasing your ticket (ticket link). Gate prices are always higher and it always takes a bit longer to buy a ticket. To save yourself even more time, have your purchased ticket ready so we can scan it, give you a wristie and send you on your way. Everyone who enters the site will be issued with an Elements 2019 wrist band. It is a condition of entry that your wristie remain on at all times during the festival.

Gates Open | Close
The gates to your Elements adventure swing open at 10am on Friday the 18th of October, with music kicking off at 12pm. Anyone arriving before this time will be asked to wait outside, so plan your trip accordingly. Our mini-world winds down on Sunday night, with the final notes of music settling into the earth at 8pm. To help you wind down too, we’ll be screening silent films for a couple of hours. And, of course, the markets will be open, allowing you to stock up on rations and replenish your body before having a good night’s sleep. In the interests of your safety, we encourage you to stay with us Sunday night and drive home when you’re nicely rested on Monday morning. You have until 2pm Monday afternoon to get on the road.

Entering the site without a wristie is trespassing. More to the point, it’s stealing from people who have invested their time, money, energy and sanity into bringing you an immersive experience in creative awesomeness. Paying for entry is your way of respecting the dedication of the crew and the talent of the artists involved in the festival. If you’re not rocking your official Elements 2019 wristie, we’ll give you two options: buy a full price ticket (in which case you get to tell your mates you got a wristie from a security guard) or have your personal details recorded and an unceremonious ejection from the event (not such a great story).