Welcome to Elements Festival 2020

Elements Festival is rebooting for 2020. Though we’ve detected a virus in the system, we’re installing all the necessary upgrades and protective measures to ensure the safety of our tribe. 

You can always rely on us to deliver luminous days and starry nights filled with music, fresh air, and natural beauty. On top of this, our redrawn map will be brimming with new adventures, upgraded items, and super-charged secrets to unlock. Programmed to learn from every past adventure, Elements Festival is always growing and evolving, bringing you a multi-dimensional playground full of new creatures, creations, and curiosities to fall in love with every time you visit.

The Elements Festival portal will be re-opening from 17th - 20th December 2020 and we cordially invite you to enter our world for an unforgettable ride through music so good it massages your body as you dance, dimension-shifting light shows, visionary art, life-enhancing workshops, a captivating mini-market-city, next-level edible delicacies, and performances that draw the whole tribe together in a shared experience of awe.