Welcome to Elements online

We’re so glad you’re here. By now you’ve probably connected with Elements in our club, rooftop and parkland parties around South East Queensland. If you haven’t yet, we’ve always got something brewing which means two things:

  1. You should check out our website or Facebook pages to see what’s coming up next;
  2. If you have a talent or passion of (almost) any kind, you should swing us an application and get involved.

We are now accepting online applications for music, performance, art, market stalls, genuine healers of any modality, massage therapists, volunteers and other skilled staff. Applicants will be considered for suitability at all our shindigs and we are open to anyone with a genuine desire to share their skills. So if you’re a musical wizard, comedian, contortionist, trained counsellor, or just keen to pitch in and help us build this thing, we’d love to have you on board.