More than just a festival, Elements is a choose-your-own-adventure game. And no game is complete without a killer soundtrack. Whatever your style – house, tech house, techno, dub, bass, DnB, progressive, psychedelic trance, hi-tech, and all those slippery in-between genres – we’ve got a groove that fits with the pace of your game. From techno beats that drip like warm honey in the afternoon sunshine, to brain-tingling, late-night stomp-fests, Elements Festival 2018 will have you covered.

Listen to the music, follow a flow that fits you, and you’ll find every step of your journey accentuated. Time to party, time to chat, time to rest, time to charge and time to recharge. Our set times have been crafted to keep the energy flowing while also giving you opportunities to get some sleep without the dreaded FOMO. The genres will be rolling and changing, bouncing back and forth between our two music stages. So, you’re sure to get a chance to explore every corner of the enchanting world we’ll be building for you.